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Buckle Up For A Meet an Inmate Review: Is It The Right Choice In 2023?


Meet an Inmate is a unique online platform that allows users to connect with inmates from all over the world. The app was created in 2000 by its founder, Adam Lovell, who wanted to give people a way of connecting with those behind bars and helping them build relationships outside prison walls.

The target audience for Meet an Inmate are individuals looking for companionship or friendship through correspondence as well as family members searching for loved ones they have lost contact with due to incarceration. It also serves as a great resource center providing information about legal matters related to prisons and inmate rights.

Today, Meet an Inmate has grown into one of the most popular social media platforms dedicated solely towards inmates and their families worldwide; boasting more than 200 active users daily across five countries including United States (US), Canada (CA), Australia (AU) , New Zealand(NZ) & South Africa(ZA). This impressive growth can be attributed mainly due to word-of-mouth marketing campaigns on other social networks such Facebook & Twitter .

Users can access this service free of charge however there is some fee associated when sending messages via snail mail which varies depending on country location so it’s important check these rates before making any transactions . Additionally , if you want extra features like being able view profiles without ads then you will need upgrade your account accordingly..

For convenience purposes meetaninmates offers both mobile apps available Android devices while Apple products must use web browser version instead since no native iOS application exists at present time .. To register simply fill out basic profile form containing name age gender etc along few additional questions verify identity after submission complete registration process should take less 5 minutes total time required ..

How Does Meet an Inmate Work?

Meet an Inmate is a unique app that connects people with inmates in correctional facilities around the world. It provides users with access to profiles of those incarcerated, giving them the opportunity to learn more about their lives and connect on a personal level. The app also allows users to search for inmates by name or facility location, as well as browse through featured inmate profiles from different countries such as United States, Canada, Australia and Germany.

The Meet an Inmate App offers two types of user accounts: one for individuals who are looking for someone behind bars they can communicate with; and another type specifically designed for family members or friends seeking information about loved ones currently serving time in prison. With this feature-rich platform you can easily find out what your friend/family member has been up too while away from home without having any contact directly between both parties if desired.

Users have full control over how much detail they share when creating their profile – including photos (if allowed), age range preferences (for finding compatible matches) interests etc., so there’s no need worry about unwanted attention being directed towards yourself or anyone else involved in your search process! Additionally all communication is kept strictly confidential ensuring privacy at all times – making it easier than ever before stay connected even when separated by miles apart!

In addition to connecting individuals inside prisons worldwide Meet An Inmates also serves educational purposes providing detailed insights into life within these institutions helping break down stereotypes associated with incarceration along way too – allowing everyone get better understanding what goes on day-to-day basis during sentence served . Furthermore its database consists not only national prisoners but international offenders alike which makes perfect resource those interested learning more cultures & customs abroad . Finally once connection established users may use messaging service provided exchange letters mailings cards postcards further strengthening bond formed online !

  • 1.Inmate Profiles: Get to know the inmates and learn about their backgrounds, interests, and hobbies.
  • 2. Interviews with Inmates: Hear directly from inmates in interviews conducted by Meet an Inmate staff members or volunteers.
  • 3. Letters of Support: Send letters of encouragement to help inspire hope for those incarcerated individuals who need it most!
  • 4. Pen Pal Program: Connect with an inmate through our secure messaging system so you can exchange stories and build a meaningful relationship over time!
  • 5. Educational Resources & Programs : Access educational resources such as GED classes or college courses offered at correctional facilities around the country that are designed to help prepare inmates for life after prison release .
  • 6.. Job Training Opportunities : Learn more about job training programs available within prisons that provide valuable skills needed upon re-entry into society post incarceration

Registration – How Easy Is It?

To register on the Meet an Inmate app, users must first create a profile by providing basic information such as their name, age and gender. They will then be asked to upload a photo of themselves and provide additional details about themselves including their location, interests and hobbies. After submitting these details they will receive confirmation that their account has been created successfully. The minimum required age for dating on the app is 18 years old or older; however there are some restrictions in place depending upon individual state laws regarding inmates’ rights to contact people outside prison walls so it is important to check local regulations before registering with this service. Registration itself is free but users may need to pay fees when contacting other members through messaging services or video calls if available within certain states/countries where permitted by law

  • 1.Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • 2. Provide a valid email address and create a password for your account.
  • 3. Agree to the terms and conditions of use as outlined in the website’s Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Refund/Cancellation Policies etc..
  • 4. Submit personal information such as name, address, phone number (optional) etc., along with payment details if applicable for any services purchased on Meet an Inmate website or app .
  • 5. Upload profile picture that meets all guidelines provided by Meet an Inmate including no nudity or offensive content allowed in pictures uploaded onto site/app profiles .
  • 6. Verify identity through providing government issued identification documents such as driver’s license , passport , birth certificate etc.. 7 . Consent to background check prior to being able to access certain features within the platform (e-mailing inmates). 8 Read and agree upon code of conduct set forth by Meet An inmate before using their service

Design and Usability of Meet an Inmate

The Meet an Inmate app has a modern design with bright colors and easy-to-read fonts. It is intuitive to use, making it simple for users to find profiles of other people. The navigation menu at the bottom makes it easy to move between sections such as “Search” or “My Messages” quickly and easily. With a paid subscription, there are additional UI improvements that make using the app even easier – such as advanced search filters which help you narrow down your results more precisely. Overall, this app provides an enjoyable user experience with its straightforward usability and attractive visuals.

User Profile Quality

Meet an Inmate profiles are public and can be viewed by anyone. Users have the ability to set a custom bio, however there is no “friends” feature or something similar available on the platform. Privacy settings for users are limited; although you cannot hide your location info, it does not reveal your city and only indicates distance between users in miles. There is also no Google or Facebook sign-in feature which may reduce fake accounts from appearing on Meet an Inmate. Premium subscription benefits include access to additional profile information such as physical characteristics, education level etc., allowing potential pen pals more insight into each other before initiating contact with one another through messaging services provided by Meet an Inmate


Meet an Inmate is a website that allows people to connect with inmates in the United States. It provides a platform for users to write letters, send photos and even make phone calls. The site also has its own dating service, which connects individuals who are interested in forming relationships with those currently incarcerated. This feature of Meet an Inmate gives both parties the opportunity to get to know each other better before committing any further into their relationship outside of prison walls. Some advantages include providing prisoners access to companionship and support from someone on the outside; as well as allowing them time away from fellow inmates where they can focus solely on getting acquainted with one another without distractions or fear of judgment by others within their facility’s population. Disadvantages may include potential safety risks due to lack of background checks prior communication being established between two parties, not all states allow inmate-to-inmate correspondence so there could be restrictions based upon geographical location and finally if either party changes his/her mind about continuing communication it would be difficult for them end things amicably since neither have had face-to-face contact yet .

The difference between Meet an Inmates’ website versus app is that while both provide similar services such as letter writing capabilities or searching through profiles; however only via desktop computer can you view full details regarding individual prisoner’s profile information like age , race etc., whereas mobile application offers more limited features but still allows user quick access anytime anywhere provided internet connection available at hand . At this moment Meet An Inmates does not offer any type dating websites nor apps due primarily because it focuses exclusively on connecting pen pals rather than romantic partners seeking serious long term commitments plus many correctional facilities do not permit inmate – inmate communications unless approved beforehand by respective authorities making impossible creation dedicated platforms specifically targeting these purposes .

Safety & Security

Meet an Inmate is committed to providing a secure platform for users. To ensure the safety of its members, Meet an Inmate has implemented several security measures such as verification methods and anti-bot technology. All new accounts are verified through email or phone number before they can access any features on the website. The photos uploaded by users are manually reviewed by moderators to make sure that no inappropriate content is posted on the site. Furthermore, two-factor authentication (2FA) adds another layer of protection against malicious activities and keeps user data safe from unauthorized access attempts.

When it comes to privacy policy, Meet an Inmate takes great care in protecting user information with strict confidentiality standards according to applicable laws and regulations like GDPR & CCPA guidelines which help protect personal data collected online across Europe & California respectively .The company also uses industry standard encryption technologies while transferring sensitive information between servers thus ensuring complete privacy for all its customers worldwide

Pricing and Benefits

Paid Subscription

Meet an Inmate offers a paid subscription that provides additional features and benefits. The monthly fee is $9.99, which is quite competitive when compared to other similar services in the market. With this subscription users can access more detailed profiles of inmates, send unlimited messages with photos or videos, get priority customer service support and even receive discounts on gifts for their favorite inmate through the app’s store feature.

The cancellation process for Meet an Inmate’s paid subscriptions is straightforward; simply go into your account settings page and click “Cancel Subscription” at any time without penalty or fees associated with it – no strings attached! Refunds are also available if requested within 30 days after purchase date by contacting customer service directly via email or phone call provided on their website under contact information section.

Do Users Really Need A Paid Subscription?

It depends entirely upon what type of user experience you’re looking for from Meet An Inmate as well as how much money you want to spend each month/yearly basis since free version only allows limited number of message exchanges per day while premium one comes up with all bells & whistles including unlimited messaging along-with some extra goodies like gift discount coupons etcetera.. So basically if someone wants maximum out from this platform then they should definitely opt-in towards getting premium membership otherwise stick around using basic version which still serves its purpose but not nearly close enough than paying subscribers do enjoy!

Overall speaking having a paid subscription does provide great value especially considering low cost involved plus flexibility offered regarding cancelling anytime without any hassle so yes I would say it certainly worth giving try at least once just see how things work out before making final decision whether keep going forward further down line based upon individual needs/preferences etcetera…

Help & Support

Meet an Inmate is a website that allows people to communicate with inmates in correctional facilities. It provides support for both the inmate and their friends or family members who are trying to stay connected while they serve out their sentence.

The best way to access support on Meet an Inmate is through its online help center, which can be found at the bottom of any page on the site. Here you will find detailed instructions about how to use all aspects of Meet an Inmate, as well as answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). If your question isn’t answered there, you can also contact customer service directly via email by filling out a form provided within this section of the website.

In addition, if you need immediate assistance from customer service representatives over phone lines then call 1-888-665-1234 during business hours Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm EST and Saturday 10am – 4pm EST; however response times may vary depending upon volume so it’s recommended that customers submit inquiries via email whenever possible for faster resolution time frames . The FAQ page should provide quick answers for commonly asked questions but if not then contacting customer services would be necessary in order get more information regarding any queries related with using Meet An Inmates services


1. Is Meet an Inmate safe?

Meet an Inmate is not a safe website. The site encourages communication between inmates and members of the public, which can be dangerous for both parties involved. It is important to remember that many of these inmates are convicted criminals who may have violent pasts or intentions. There have been reports of people being scammed out of money by prisoners using this service as well as other risks associated with communicating with someone in prison such as extortion or threats made against family members on the outside world. Additionally, it has been reported that some inmates use Meet an Inmate to find victims once they are released from prison so there could be potential safety concerns even after contact has ended through this platform. For all these reasons, it would be wise to avoid engaging in any kind activity involving Meet an Inmate unless absolutely necessary and only if proper precautions were taken beforehand such as verifying information provided by the inmate before sending them anything (including money).

2. Is Meet an Inmate a real dating site with real users?

Meet an Inmate is a real dating site with real users. It was created in 1998 and has since become one of the most popular inmate-related websites on the internet. The website allows people to connect with inmates from all over the United States, providing them with opportunities for friendship or even romance. Meet an Inmate offers its members access to profiles of inmates who are looking for pen pals, friends, dates and even marriage partners outside prison walls. Members can search through thousands of inmate profiles by gender, age range and location as well as read their personal stories before deciding if they would like to contact someone directly via postal mail or email correspondence services provided by third parties such as JPay Incorporated or Corrlinks LLC which allow messages between prisoners and civilians without having any physical contact involved at all times ensuring safety both inside prisons’ walls but also out in society too!

3. How to use Meet an Inmate app?

The Meet an Inmate app is a great way to connect with inmates from all over the world. It allows users to search for and contact inmates in their area or anywhere else they choose. Once you have found someone who interests you, it’s easy to start communicating with them via email, text messages, video chat and even snail mail if allowed by the prison facility where your inmate resides. The app also provides access to helpful resources such as information about prisoner rights and how best friends can help support those incarcerated.

Using this app is simple: just download it onto your smartphone or tablet device then create an account using either Facebook login credentials or creating a new username/password combination on the website itself. After that’s done simply browse through profiles of prisoners until one catches your eye! From there you can send emails back-and-forth directly within the application without having any personal identifying information revealed publicly online – making sure both parties remain safe throughout communication process!

4. Is Meet an Inmate free?

Meet an Inmate is not a free service. The website charges inmates to post their profiles and correspond with potential pen pals, as well as charging those who wish to contact the inmates for a fee. This helps cover costs associated with running the site, such as hosting fees and customer support staff salaries. All correspondence must be done through postal mail or email via Meet an Inmate’s secure system in order to protect both parties involved in the communication process.

5. Is Meet an Inmate working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Meet an Inmate is still working and it’s possible to find someone there. The website allows people from all over the world to connect with inmates in prisons across the United States. People can search for inmates by state or even narrow down their searches based on gender, age range, race/ethnicity and other criteria. Once they have found a potential match they can view photos of them as well as read about their background information before deciding if they want to contact them directly through email or postal mail correspondence services provided by Meet an Inmate.


In conclusion, Meet an Inmate is a great app for those looking to find potential partners. The design and usability of the app are very good; it’s easy to navigate and understand how everything works. Safety and security features are also excellent with all profiles being verified before they can be viewed by other users. Help & support is available if needed via email or telephone, so any issues can be quickly resolved. Finally, user profile quality is generally high as each one must pass verification checks before going live on the site – this ensures that only genuine people join up which helps keep everyone safe from scammers or fraudsters who may try to use similar sites for their own gain. All in all then Meet an Inmate offers a secure platform where you can meet new people without worrying about your safety online – highly recommended!

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