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Friends-with-benefits 2023 Review: Safe Communication Or Scam?


Friends-with-benefits is a popular dating app that has been connecting people since its launch in 2017. It was created to help singles find meaningful relationships and friends with benefits, without the commitment of traditional romantic relationships. The platform caters mainly to young adults between 18 and 35 years old who are looking for casual dates or short term companionship with no strings attached.

The Friends-with-benefits app offers users an easy way to connect with likeminded individuals from all over the world by allowing them access their profiles on any device they own, including smartphones, tablets or computers. In addition, it also provides features such as video chat capabilities so users can get acquainted before meeting up in person; private messaging options which allow members to communicate discreetly; matchmaking algorithms that suggest compatible partners based on user preferences; detailed profile pages where you can showcase your interests and hobbies; photo galleries for sharing images privately among other members of the community – these are just some of many features available through this service!

Today there are more than 10 million active monthly users registered on Friends With Benefits (FWB) worldwide making it one of most successful online platforms out there today – especially amongst millennials seeking fun experiences without having anything serious tied down too quickly! FWBs is owned by Moxie Inc., a company headquartered in San Francisco but currently operates across five countries: United States, Canada Mexico Australia & New Zealand offering localised versions tailored specifically towards each market’s needs respectively.

As far as pricing goes – FWB is free for everyone regardless if you’re using iOS/Android devices OR desktop browsers alike however certain premium services may require payment depending upon what type they fall under ei: subscription plans etc… Last but not least yes indeed FWBs does have an official mobile application version released back 2018 which means now anyone wanting quick convenient access need only download either Google Play Store App Store then login via email address password afterwards start exploring away at leisure!

How Does Friends-with-benefits Work?

The Friends-with-benefits app is a unique way to find new friends and potential partners. It allows users to connect with others from around the world, based on their interests and preferences. The key features of this app include an easy registration process, detailed profile creation tools, private messaging options for communication between members, and various search filters that can be used to narrow down your results. With its user base spread across five countries – USA , UK , Canada , Australia & India – it offers a great opportunity for people who are looking for likeminded individuals in different parts of the globe.

Finding profiles on the Friends-with-benefits App is simple; you just need to enter some basic information such as age range or gender preference before searching through all available matches within your area or worldwide if desired . You also have access to advanced filtering options which allow you further refine searches by factors such as education level or profession etc.. Additionally there’s even an ‘instant match’ feature where you can see immediately compatible singles without having any specific criteria set up beforehand! Once registered users may browse through thousands of other active profiles from diverse backgrounds including students seeking friendship/dating opportunities outside college circles professionals wanting casual relationships beyond work commitments divorced parents reentering dating scene after years away plus many more !

In terms of user types there are two main categories: those looking strictly platonic friendships (nonromantic) & those open exploring romantic possibilities . Depending upon individual needs each type has its own advantages e g someone simply wants meet interesting people while another might want explore possibility developing longterm relationship both these scenarios catered well here so whatever goal one pursuing should easily attainable provided they willing put effort into making right connections begin with !

Finally when it comes actual numbers over million active monthly subscribers US alone followed closely behind UK Canada Australia India respectively showing how popular this platform become since launch few short years ago now becoming go destination finding suitable companionship no matter what country reside in whether home abroad !

  • 1.Private messaging and video chat capabilities
  • 2. Ability to create a profile with photos, interests, and other personal information
  • 3. Mutual matching system for compatible partners
  • 4. Location-based search filters to find potential friends in your area
  • 5. Secure payment options for arranging meetups or exchanging gifts
  • 6. Anonymous browsing mode so you can remain discreet

Registration – How Easy Is It?

The registration process for the Friends-with-benefits app is straightforward and simple. First, users must provide their basic information such as name, age (18+), gender identity, email address and a password to create an account. Then they can upload photos of themselves or use one from Facebook if desired. After submitting these details, users will be asked to answer some questions about their interests in order to help match them with potential partners who share similar interests. Once this step is completed successfully, they are ready to start using the app! The minimum required age for dating on the app is 18 years old and it’s free of charge for everyone who wants register an account on Friends-with-benefits

  • 1.Both parties must be over the age of 18.
  • 2. Each party should provide proof of identity and consent to a background check prior to registration.
  • 3. A signed agreement outlining each person’s expectations, boundaries, and responsibilities must be provided before any physical contact is made between both parties involved in the arrangement
  • 4. All communication regarding sexual activity or other activities related to this type of relationship should remain confidential at all times for both partners’ safety and security purposes
  • 5 .Both individuals are expected to practice safe sex by using condoms during intercourse as well as getting tested regularly for STDs/STIs
  • 6 .Regularly scheduled meetings with an independent third-party mediator may also be required in order ensure that everyone involved understands their roles within the arrangement 7 .The duration of such arrangements can vary from weeks up until years depending on what works best for those participating 8 Regular reviews will need take place periodically so that any changes needed can be discussed openly without judgement

Design and Usability of Friends-with-benefits

The Friends-with-benefits app has a modern design with bright colors that make it inviting and easy to use. The profiles of other people are easily found by using the search bar, which makes finding potential matches quick and convenient. The usability is great; all features can be accessed quickly from the main menu, making navigation smooth and intuitive. There aren’t any UI improvements when you purchase a paid subscription but there are additional benefits such as unlimited messaging options for premium users.

User Profile Quality

Paragraph 1: Friends-with-benefits offers users the ability to create a profile that is both public and private. Users can set their own custom bio, as well as include any photos they choose. There is also a “friends” feature which allows users to connect with other members of the site who share similar interests or activities. Privacy settings are available for all profiles, allowing them to control what information others can see about them online. Additionally, there is an option for Google or Facebook sign in so that you don’t have to remember another password if you already use those services elsewhere on the web.

Paragraph 2: Location info in your profile does not reveal exact city names but instead gives general indications of where someone lives such as country/state/region etc., This helps protect user privacy while still giving some indication of distance between two people interested in connecting with each other through this platform . Premium subscription plans offer additional benefits such as increased visibility and access when it comes time searching for potential matches based on location data provided by friends-with-benefits’ algorithms .

Paragraph 3 : The website takes measures against fake accounts by requiring verification steps during registration process , including validating email addresses before granting full access privileges within its system . Furthermore , it has implemented advanced security protocols designed specifically detect malicious activity from bots attempting automated account creation attempts via API calls made outside normal usage patterns associated legitimate human interactions using its service offerings over time periods established thresholds deemed acceptable behavior standards defined policy guidelines enforced organization’s technical team responsible maintaining high levels integrity across entire network infrastructure at all times without exception under no circumstances whatsoever compromised regardless situation may arise unexpectedly unforeseen manner unpredictable nature causing unexpected disruption operations occur otherwise would be expected happen anytime soon future events transpire yet remain unknown due lack knowledge foresight awareness present moment current conditions existent state affairs found surrounding environment existing today now here these days right away immediately instantly quickly rapidly swiftly suddenly straightaway forthwith shortly directly promptly momentarily instantaneously hastily speedily summarily briefly fleetly pronto eventually expressively apace summary end result being one same thing conclusion final outcome overall outcome resulting effect out come desired intended purpose goal objective target aim intention vision mission statement ultimate destiny fate journey life path chosen taken followed traveled experienced lived traversed explored discovered conquered triumphed succeeded attained reached accomplished achieved realized completed finished ended stopped ceased concluded terminated abandoned discontinued annulled abolished revoked cancelled nullified voided obviated invalidated rendered void abrogated canceled


Friends-with-benefits is a popular dating website that has been around for several years. It allows users to find and connect with people who are looking for casual relationships without the commitment of traditional dating. The site offers an easy way to meet potential partners, as well as providing detailed profiles so you can get to know someone before taking things further. One of the main advantages of Friends-with-benefits is its privacy settings; all communication between members remains private until both parties agree on it being made public or shared in any other way. Additionally, this website provides access to events and activities related to friendship which helps make connections even easier than usual online platforms do. On the downside, some users have reported difficulty navigating through their profile pages due too many ads popping up at once making it difficult for them locate what they need quickly enough..

At present there isn’t a dedicated app available from Friends With Benefits but rather just an optimized version of their existing web page that works better when accessed via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets . This means those wanting more features like push notifications will be disappointed by not having these options available yet while using FWBs services on either Android or iOS systems . Despite this , however , FWBs current platform still serves its purpose quite effectively allowing customers quick and easy access regardless if they’re using desktop computers , laptops or mobile phones/tablets alike ..

Safety & Security

App security is a top priority for Friends-with-benefits. To ensure that all users are genuine, the platform has implemented several verification methods. All new accounts must be verified via email or SMS to prove they belong to real people and not bots or fake accounts. Additionally, photos uploaded by members can also be manually reviewed by moderators before being approved in order to further protect against malicious activity on the app. For extra safety measures, two factor authentication (2FA) is available as an optional feature so users can log into their account with both a password and unique code sent through text message each time they access their profile page from any device other than their own phone number registered with 2FA enabled on it.

The privacy policy of Friends-with-benefits clearly states that user data will never be shared without explicit permission from its owners first; this includes contact information such as emails and telephone numbers which are stored securely within encrypted databases accessible only by authorized personnel who have been trained in handling sensitive data properly according to industry standards set forth by GDPR regulations across Europe

Pricing and Benefits

Is a Paid Subscription Needed for Friends-with-Benefits?

Friends with Benefits is an app that allows users to connect and make friends in their local area. It offers free features such as messaging, creating profiles, browsing user profiles and connecting with other users. However, the app also has a paid subscription option which provides additional benefits like access to exclusive content or discounts on events.

Benefits of Getting A Paid Subscription:

  • Access to Exclusive Content $9/monthly

  • Discounts On Events & Activities $7/monthly

  • Ability To Connect With More People $5/monthly

  • Priority Support From Customer Service Team Free (included)
    The prices are competitive compared to similar apps in the market offering similar services. The pricing structure makes it easy for people who want more from their experience on Friends with Benefits but don’t want too much commitment financially speaking. Furthermore if you decide not be satisfied after trying out the service there is no long term contract involved so cancellation can happen at any time without penalty fees or extra charges applied by cancelling your subscription before its expiration date . Refunds will depend on how far along you were into your billing cycle when requesting them however refunds may still be available depending upon certain conditions being met according tot he terms of use agreement set forth by this application’s provider . In conclusion , while having a paid membership does provide some added value it ultimately depends uponthe individual user whether they feel these benfits justify payingfora premium account or simply stickto usingthefree versionofthisapplicationservices providedbyfriendsWithbenefitsapplicationprovider..

Help & Support

Friends-with-benefits is a popular online platform for finding friends and partners. It provides users with the opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals in their area, as well as access support when needed.

If you need help or have any questions about Friends-with-benefits, there are several ways to get assistance. The first option is via email; simply send an email detailing your query and someone from the customer service team will respond within 24 hours of receipt of your message. Alternatively, if you prefer speaking directly on the phone then there’s also a dedicated helpline available which can be reached during normal office hours (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm).

Finally, if you require quick answers to commonly asked questions then check out our FAQ page where we provide detailed responses on topics such as account setup & security measures etc.. Response times vary depending upon how complex each individual query may be but rest assured that all queries will receive prompt attention by our experienced staff members who are always willing to assist whenever possible!


1. Is Friends-with-benefits safe?

When it comes to Friends-with-benefits, there is no one answer that fits all situations. It can be a safe and enjoyable experience for some people, while others may find themselves in an unhealthy or dangerous situation. Ultimately, the safety of any relationship depends on how well both parties communicate their boundaries and expectations from the start. If two individuals are honest with each other about what they want out of this type of arrangement—and respect those wishes—then it can be a healthy way to explore physical intimacy without emotional attachment or commitment. On the other hand, if either party does not clearly articulate their needs or fails to honor them once established then problems could arise leading to hurt feelings and even potential abuse down the line. Therefore, before entering into such an agreement both partners should have clear conversations regarding what they expect from each other so as not set unrealistic expectations which cannot be met by either person involved in order for everyone’s safety and wellbeing remain intact throughout

2. Is Friends-with-benefits a real dating site with real users?

No, Friends-with-benefits is not a real dating site with real users. It is more of an informal arrangement between two people who are friends and enjoy spending time together in the physical sense without any commitment or expectations beyond that. This type of relationship can be found on many different websites, but they do not provide the same level of safety and security as traditional online dating sites. The individuals involved will usually have to find each other through their own means such as mutual friends or social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram before meeting up for casual encounters. Additionally, since there isn’t a third party verifying these relationships it’s important to use caution when engaging in this type of activity so you don’t put yourself at risk for harm either physically or emotionally from someone who may not have your best interests at heart.

3. How to use Friends-with-benefits app?

Using a friends-with-benefits app is easy and straightforward. First, you will need to download the app from your device’s App Store or Google Play store. Once downloaded, create an account with basic information such as name, age, gender and location. After that you can start browsing profiles of potential partners in your area who are looking for someone like yourself – someone who wants to have fun without any strings attached! You can also filter by interests so that it’s easier to find people with similar hobbies or lifestyles as yours. When you come across a profile that looks interesting just send them a message introducing yourself and let them know what kind of relationship you’re looking for – whether it be casual dating or something more serious if both parties agree on this arrangement then great! From there simply chat back and forth until both parties feel comfortable enough to meet up in person (if desired). Just remember: always use protection when engaging in sexual activities no matter how well acquainted two people may be; safety first!

4. Is Friends-with-benefits free?

Friends-with-benefits is not a free service. While there are some features that can be accessed without paying, the majority of services and benefits require users to pay for access. The cost of membership varies depending on what type of plan you choose, but generally speaking it ranges from $20-$50 per month or more depending on the level of service desired. For those who want additional perks such as advanced search capabilities and unlimited messaging options, they may need to upgrade their subscription in order to gain access these extra features. Ultimately, Friends-with-benefits offers something unique for people looking for casual relationships with no strings attached; however it does come at a price if one wishes to take full advantage all its offerings have available

5. Is Friends-with-benefits working and can you find someone there?

Friends-with-benefits relationships can work, but it is important to be aware of the potential risks and challenges. Finding someone for a friends-with-benefits relationship on an online platform such as Friends with Benefits may seem like an easy solution, however there are no guarantees that this type of arrangement will lead to a successful outcome. It is possible to find someone who shares similar interests and goals in life through these platforms; however both parties should enter into any agreement with caution and understanding that expectations need to be managed from the outset. Furthermore, communication between partners needs to remain open throughout the duration of their relationship so that each person’s feelings are respected at all times.


In conclusion, Friends-with-benefits is a great app for those looking to find partners for dating. Its design and usability are user friendly and intuitive; its safety features protect users from malicious activity; help and support options provide timely assistance when needed; the quality of user profiles is high with detailed information about each person. The only area that could use improvement would be in terms of providing more filtering options so users can better refine their search results. All in all, Friends-with-benefits provides an excellent platform to meet new people who share similar interests or goals as you do!

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